Tamsin De Ville

A Prefect in Ardornian Intelligence and previously




Tamsin De Ville, previously Tamsin Send, previously Tamsin Hide, previously Eril Siliselis.

Tamsin is a High Elf whose family originated in Ya-ve but was forced to flee the Elvish homeland and make their new home in the Gettering Forest. Tamsin’s father, Elil, had lost his wife, Tamsin’s mother, to a long and creeping illness that had destroyed both of them emotionally. When his wife finally died, he turned to his sister as a replacement and the two sired a daughter.

The birth was quickly discovered and the shame forced the family to flee.

Tamsin lived with his family in the Gettering Forest on the outskirts of the small town of Ifirilon. He took work as a money lender’s apprentice and determined to leave his family as soon as he came of age.

Knowing he would eventually flee, he gathered as much dirt on his master’s clients as possible and extorted them out of an impressive amount of gold. He left for Ya-Ve in the hopes of reinventing himself with a new name and more money than his mother and father had ever had.

Around the time he arrived in Ya-Ve’s capital, three high-powered nobles were murdered despite their expensive and extreme security measures. One of the merchants who had helped Tamsin secure a new identity suddenly asked if he could help hide a human woman for a time.

And so Tamsin met Celia Von-Frank. Celia had heard of Tamsin’s efforts in extorting his way out of a bad situation and when the Baron of Alderbridge elevated her to be head of the newly-formed Special Collections, Tamsin was one of the first ‘hides’ she recruited.

Tamsin was ecstatic to be given a state-sanctioned replacement identity and took to the job with enthusiasm. His first job was to infiltrate a merchant house who’d caused Celia’s sister Julia significant trouble. Tamsin protested at what he saw as nepotistic use of a state investigation, but Celia was able to provide evidence that local authorities had gathered which pointed to a genuine problem.

Somewhat calmed by the reassurance, Tamsin travelled to Berenger’s Reach and took up employment as a stable hand with the Kilchusik family. Through wit and the help of some magical items, he was able to supplant his superiors one by one until he was second in charge of the vast stables of one of the richest merchant houses in the North of Ardornia.

Once he had rised and gained the Chief Veterinarian’s trust, he was asked to help organise smuggling operations to the north with the nation of Roschenko.

At the end of his first year in The Reach, Tamsin, his boss and several members of the merchant family in charge were arrested for tax avoidance.

All of them were offered a reprieve if they paid back the taxes. They took the offer and Tamsin quit his role a month later. His infiltration was never exposed.

His early successes included a midnight mission to rescue the son of a nearby town’s mayor. Tamsin located the boy and his kidnappers as they snuck past Berenger’s Reach on the way to Roschenko, but he and the boy were chased in the extraction. Tamsin bearly managed to evade his pursuers, and while hiding in a nearby cave, stumbled upon Orthrak the Exiled, a young half-orc who showed genius beyond even that shown by middle-age elves.

Soon Orthrak was initiated as a hide and given the name Prissy. After Tamsin was responsible for the discovery of two more suitable hides, Celia promoted him to send – a handler for hides.

Tamsin developed a superiority streak as his successes grew and most of his colleagues found him difficult to like as a person. His ability to keep his hides alive, however, was respected, even if playing pranks on him became commonplace.

Sixteen years into his role with SC, Celia brought a young half-elf named Millie Hide into his team. Mille was obedient and a quick learner at first but developed a mischievous streak after a number of hugely successful infiltrations made even Tamsin’s record look weak.

Tamsin never succumbed to jealousy, but the relationship between the two soured.

Tamsin was in charge of the disastrous but successful Hittel Mine infiltration. Tamsin had sent both Millie Hide and Alecia Hide to investigate Lord Hittel’s gold mine in north-eastern Don-Van. While the investigation succeeded in discovering significant withholding of taxes, it also exposed Lord Hittel’s deals with a powerful mind-flayer. The resulting situation caused an underground war between the Mind Flayers, Beholders and Demons to come to the surface.

The mine, its workers and a nearby village were lost in the attack. Millie and Alicia only barely escaped, with Millie suffering extreme psychological trauma during the escape.

After Millie left, Tamsin helped Celia expand SC by increasing its numbers four-fold and inventing a new role – plan. Tamsin Plan, Prissy Plan and Ronish Plan soon had three sends each reporting to them.

This lasted a year before SC was suddenly attacked by the Ziev Nadir. In one hour every hide in Ardornia was either killed, imprisoned or forced into hiding.

Celia Von-Frank was killed.

Tamsin was imprisoned for six months in a special cell operated by the Ziev Nadir. He was suspected of being a doppleganger, as SC’s resources had been diverted by a doppleganger infiltration. The sudden influx of new agents had allowed a number of the creatures to work their way up the ranks.

The Ziev Nadir were convinced that SC had become a liability as the lack of oversight had allowed the dopplegangers to hatch a plot to kill the Volstock.

It was only once Millie Hide returned to Alderbridge as a member of the Strangers adventurer group that Tamsin was freed.

Tamsin De Ville

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